Sleeping in a Bedroom Pod: Everything you need to know

As garden offices grow in complexity and build quality, you might be wondering whether or not you could use them as a place to sleep. However, there are a few things to consider before moving into your garden pod.

In this article, we’re going to find out if it’s feasible to sleep in your garden office and what you’ll need to do if you want to progress with this idea.

What is a Pod Bedroom?

A pod bedroom is a compact, enclosed sleeping space designed for efficiency and privacy. Often found in hostels, co-living spaces, and modern residential settings, pod bedrooms maximize the use of available space while providing essential sleeping accommodations.

Garden pods offer a number of advantages as bedrooms

  • They are private, cosy and away from distractions—making them ideal for people who work at home or like to spend time alone.
  • Garden pods also provide a fantastic space for guests; one that can be designed to the user’s taste and will always double up (with just a few tweaks) into an office, gym, or any other kind of room.
  • They can add tremendous value to your home, and if it’s large enough for accommodation for you or guests, the property will become even more attractive.

Hully garden Pods are an affordable way to add extra living and working space—without breaking the bank. They not only create additional space, but they can increase the value of your property as well!

Approving your garden room can result in many benefits, including:

1. If you decide to sell your house in the future, preparing and maintaining a garden room properly will make it easier—and more profitable—to resell.

2. If you want to sleep in your garden room before heading home after working late, or if you and your significant other are looking for a romantic getaway without spending lots of money on an elaborate hotel stay—you can legally do so by utilising the comforts this space provides.

3. Knowing that your garden room is built according to all building and health codes gives you a feeling of security.

4. While you may not plan to sleep in your new home for some time, it’s best to make sure that all building regulations are met as soon as possible. You never know what the future holds!

bedroom pod garden

Do you need a Planning permission for your Bedroom pod?

So, can you sleep in your garden pod?

If you chose to go down this route, you would need to seek specialist advice and support. You also would have to declare the exact use of your building—as well as any neighbours likely affected by it—to regulators.

However, if you wanted to use your garden room as living space—for example, by using it for overnight guests or doing a home-based business activity like a home salon from there—then applying for planning permission would be the safest option.

If you ever plan to use the garden room for sleeping, it’s best to get Building Regulation approval from the beginning.

Building regulation’s primary objective is to ensure that the building you are sleeping in or going to sleep in meets regulations. It is less likely to cause a fire, emit harmful toxins into the air or water supply, and will alert you if necessary cleaning supplies are needed.

This will keep you safe whether you intend to sleep there or not.

Types of Pod Bedrooms

Hully Pods offers a variety of garden pod bedrooms designed to meet different needs and preferences. Here are some of the main types:

Skipjack Pod

With a full 3m depth, the Skipjack Pod instantly offers the home extension space you need in your own personal style. Dimensions: 2.4 w x 2.3 h x 3d meters (4-6 people). This Pod is fully customisable and has the option to have a glass-fronted door, adding extra light into the pod bedroom.

Schooner Pod

Our largest Pods, measuring 2.3 x 2.4 x 4.2 meters. It comes with customisable features such as seven colors for the exterior shell, customisable floor, and doors, including options for adding windows, additional electric sockets, or even solar panels.

Cost Breakdown

To create a comprehensive budget for your pod bedroom, its important to take into account the following costs:

Skipjack Pod
Total Price aprox

Pod Price: There are a number of Hully Pods that would be suitable for a pod bedroom. The Skipjack Pod starts at £4,995 and our Schooner Pod starts at £6,895. More detailed information can be found on the Hully Pods Comparison Page.

Furniture Costs:

   – Bed: Estimate between £200 – £1,000 for a bed, depending on design and material.

   – Mattress: An average sum of £300 to £1,000 will go on a comfortable mattress.

   – Other Furniture Items: Budget for multi-functional furniture items: a sofa bed (£300 – £700), storage (£100 – £500), and a desk (£100-£300).

Construction of a pod bedroom requires many different stages and considerations but will provide you with a warm and relaxing place that contributes to your lifestyle and the value of your property.

Best Mattresses and Bedding options

For the Skipjack and Schooner Pods that would be most suitable for a Pod Bedroom, here are the best mattress and bedding options:

Skipjack Pod (2.3m x 2.2m x 2.6m)

Mattress size: A single or small double mattress (120 cm x 200 cm) would fit well in this space and give you enough room to have other furniture in your Pod bedroom

Mattress options:

  • Memory foam mattress: Offers comfort and good support in a compact size.
  • Futon mattress: Flexible and easy to store, perfect for multi-use spaces.
pod bedroom example
sleeping bedroom pod

Schooner Pod (2.3m x 2.2m x 3.8m)

With the Schooner Pod being our largest Pod you’ll have way more options for mattress sizes and therefore more mattress options.

Mattress Size: A standard double mattress (140 cm x 200 cm) or a queen size (150 cm x 200 cm) would be ideal.

Mattress options:

  • Hybrid Mattress: Combines memory foam and springs for optimal comfort.
  • Foldable Mattress: Provides flexibility for space-saving when needed.

Real-Life Pod Bedroom Examples

Here’s a 5-star review from one of our lovely customers who purchased a Skipjack Pod to use as a spare bedroom!

We needed an extra space for when we have guests and it’s also going to be our little retreat too, we absolutely love it! 

Let me tell you how incredible the amazing team at Hully Pods are, they answered all our questions, made it possible and the delivery team made the whole experience flawless.

We really had nothing to worry about, the structure is sound and when my friends stayed in it, they said it was so cosy.

A massive thanks to everyone.”

bedroom pod big mattress
pod bedroom retreat
pod bedroom design

Any questions? Let us know!

In order to find the best garden pods for your needs, it’s important that you consider several factors. For example, where are you located in the UK? Are there any aspects of your lifestyle or preferences that might affect which model is most suitable for you?

There’s no better time than now to build or buy your garden pod. Call us at 023 8254 6400, visit our workshop for a demonstration, and ask all the questions you have like ‘can you sleep in a garden pod?’ – We will be happy to answer them!

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