Schooner Pod


Choose from five different customisation options to truly make your Schooner Pod your own. With a full 4.2m depth, the Schooner Pod instantly offers a large home extension space you need in your own personal style.

We’re proud to offer our Pod customisation service, which means you can have your own customised Pod to take pride of place in your garden.

Here you can configure your Schooner Pod, which measures 2.3 x 2.4 x 4.2m, by choosing the colours of the exterior shell, floor, and door including a full glass front. You can also add a window and more electric sockets or solar panels to get full utility out of your electric garden pod. You can opt for an affordable garden pod or something more luxurious thanks to our customisation options.

Delivered assembled the Schooner Pod is a garden pod for sale that provides the extra room you need without the hassle and unpredictable expense of moving to a new house or finding reliable builders. The Schooner Pod could be your garden office, kid’s den, home gym, home salon, hobby studio or even an extra place to accommodate overnight guests. The possibilities are endless.


  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to use, no assembly required
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Made from more than one thousand three hundred 500ml recycled plastic bottles
  • Durable exterior fibreglass shell warranted for 20 years
  • Double foil-backed bubble insulation throughout the structure
  • Multi-layer fibreglass and structural insulating foam floor for a robust insulated garden pod
  • No need for concrete foundations, just a firm, flat and level base unless you choose the glass-front upgrade which requires a solid concrete base
  • Tongue and groove softwood interior lining
  • Multi-locking uPVC door with double-glazed panel warranted for 10 years
  • Optional locking uPVC double-glazed window sizes warranted for 10 years
  • Optional laminate floor finishes- easy to clean
  • 16 amp hook-up (male connector) to create a garden pod with electrics
  • Full range of optional interior electrics including USB ports and LED light + wall switch
  • Low maintenance- read about Hully Pod maintenance
  • Won’t rot
  • Durable, versatile, and affordable.

If you would like guidance in choosing the right design for your needs, please call us, or contact us online, and our team will be more than happy to help.

Please ensure you read our access requirements before proceeding with your order and have received delivery approval from Hully before placing your order.


Personalise your Hully Pod
Pod Colour
Let’s think about the colour of the pod first. This is the outer layer of the fibreglass construction so is resistant to all weather and is a garden pod with insulation. If you need a different colour, that’s also possible – just give us a call.
Frames & Front Style
All our Pod doors are constructed in top quality energy efficient uPVC, with secure door lock mechanisms that are available in white or anthracite grey. A glass-fronted Pod offers you the opportunity to enjoy a full panoramic view of your garden or location. This Pod option instantly offers a truly luxurious space customisable to suit your style.
Additional notes for Glass Fronted Pods
  • There will be a 10-12 week delivery time
  • Only lorry-side delivery is possible
  • Glass fronted Pods require a solid concrete base to support the extra weight
Opening and lockable uPVC double-glazed windows can be installed on the rear wall of the Pod. We will match the window frame colour to the door at no extra charge.
Let’s move inside and decide on the flooring. All our floors are top quality vinyl that are practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean.
Your Hully Pod comes with a 16A hookup connector and 1 twin 13A mains socket as standard. The Mains Pack give you an extra socket, light and switch, the choice of hookup side and access to other options. The Solar Pack offers a solar panel, leisure battery an LED light and other options instead.
Payment Options
You can pay in full now, or just 35% deposit now and pay the balance for your Pod 3 weeks before delivery; you’ll get a call to arrange both delivery and final payment.


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