Do office Pods come with electric?

If you work remotely or tend to mix days at your workplace and days working from home, a garden Pod office is a great way to focus on your tasks outside of your standard living environment.

If you’re wondering ‘do office Pods come with electric?’, this post is designed to help you understand how to get the most out of your garden Pod when it comes to powering laptops and enjoying internet connectivity.

Do office Pods come with electricity?

With Hully, the good news is that you can enjoy cheap garden Pods which are specifically designed to make home working more enjoyable. These ready-made garden Pods are designed to provide you with an instant multi-functional working environment that takes you away from everyday household distractions.

Connecting electricity to your garden Pod is made as simple as possible.

garden pod electric installation

We don’t like to overcomplicate things, which is why your garden Pod office will be ready to power your devices as soon as it’s delivered.

Modern small garden Pods require high-speed internet and a plethora of plug sockets for everything from laptops, extra screens and electric heaters.

We also understand that you might want to use your garden Pod for entertainment, which means you might require ample plug sockets for things like ambient lighting or cinema screen projectors.

Each garden office Pod we manufacture comes with a basic electric pack as standard.

garden pod basic electrics

This includes an external 16-amp electric hook-up (with a male connector) on the right-hand side plus an internal double 2-gang plate socket, which is situated on the internal right-hand wall.

Can I upgrade the electricity connection in my garden Pod office?

If you would like to upgrade your electricity pack in your garden Pod, we can upgrade your Pod to have a full Mains Electric Pack. This consists of:

  • 2 x 2 double UK plug sockets
  • External 16-amp electric hookup (male connector)
  • 1 x LED internal light with light switch

Like the basic electric pack, the full Mains Electric Pack can be connected via a 16-amp hook-up located outside of the garden Pod office, on the right or left-hand side (the choice is yours).

There are also several additional options available, including wired exterior lights over the front door, which can be useful during the autumn/winter months.

Ethernet ports, USB charge points and solar power capability are available as optional extras, and if you require a three-phase (32-amp) connector as opposed to a 16-amp, we can also install this.

How do I connect electricity to my garden Pod office?

The connection process to bring electricity to your Hully small garden Pods couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is run a suitable cable from the mains electricity supply in your home to your garden Pod.

If you are uncertain about how to connect your Hully garden Pod office to mains electricity, you may find it helpful to liaise with a qualified electrician, who should be able to offer you advice on the best way to safely enjoy mains electricity in your Pod.

Where can I purchase a cable to connect my Pod from?

Cables which connect to the Pod’s hook-up are available from most DIY stores, and major online retailers. A simple Google search for 16-amp hookup will provide you with a wide choice.

Are there any other customisation options available?

At Hully, we strive to provide garden office Pods as unique as you are. If you have any specific requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs prior to delivering your Pod.

Our office Pods are delivered completely assembled and won’t require any construction. You won’t even need to lay down any foundations – all that is required is a flat, firm and level base. This can be concrete, gravel grids or shed bases, decking, slabs or even sleepers.

Our watertight office Pods are ideal for those who enjoy the flexibility of remote working but want to separate work and home life. Each Pod is watertight and insulated with integrated electrics.

What size garden office Pods are available?

Our office garden Pods are available in two sizes. We have multiple colours to choose from, and the Pods can be purchased ready-to-go or customised to suit your garden, your individual needs and your personal style. Hully office Pods are manufactured in our workshop, situated on the banks of the River Itchen, Southampton. We deliver our Pods to the mainland UK, with orders taking approximately six weeks. We try to keep delivery costs as low as possible.

What are the USPs of a Hully garden office Pod?

At a glance, here’s what you should know about our garden Pods:

  • Handmade to order.
  • Watertight fibreglass shell.
  • Fully insulated for year-round use.
  • Electricity hookup as standard.
  • Affordable.
  • Instant space. 
  • Fully customisable.
  • No foundations needed – just a firm, flat and level base.

To find out more about Hully’s garden office Pods, please contact us today.

A member of our friendly team will be delighted to talk you through the benefits of working in one of our unique garden spaces. If you like what you see, why not build + buy yours using our easy online configurator today?

Call us to discuss your requirements on 023 8254 6400.

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