How Much Do Glamping Pods Cost?

There’s a huge number of choices out there when it comes to UK breaks. While some will always enjoy their luxury hotels or rental houses, more and more staycationers are going for glamping instead. It’s a great opportunity for those already in the holiday business, as well as landowners looking to diversify their income. The big question is, though: how much do glamping pods cost? 

Why is glamping so popular?

Over the years, various reports have revealed how UK staycations have been booming, ever since Covid first hit. Even though things are back to normal in terms of lockdowns and travel restrictions, the appetite for a UK-based holiday hasn’t gone away. In fact, with environmental factors also thrown into the mix, more and more people are choosing to get back to nature, choosing UK breaks that minimise their impact on the environment as much as possible. 

That’s where glamping comes in. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature and get away from it all – even for those who don’t enjoy the idea of traditional camping. The best news is, people can book glamping breaks in all sorts of places, so whether you have farmland you want to utilise, some land by a lake or the sea or space up in the mountains, you could well have somewhere perfect to create your own glamping space. 

Whether you already have a camping or glamping site or you’re looking to start your business for the first time, glamping pods can be great space-saving options, as well as cost-effective choices. Here’s why: 

what is the price of a glamping pod

Why glamping pods are a great choice.

Our durable pods are used for all sorts of things: garden hideaways and garden office pods being just two. But they also make for great glamping accommodations. 

Their curved shape makes them perfectly suited to all sorts of backdrops, and they’re great all-weather accommodation options, too, as they are fully insulated and waterproofed. 

We deliver every Hully glamping Pod fully assembled – and the specifications are completely up to you. All of them come with a multi-locking door, mains electricity hook-ups and waterproof, insulated walls and the rest is your choice. Choose from three different pod sizes, optional windows of different sizes, and a choice of colours for the windows, door, floor, walls and pod itself. We can even create bathroom pods, with a shower, toilet and basin, giving you all the facilities your glamping site needs.

But the big question remains – how much do glamping pods cost?

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How much do glamping pods cost?

The good news is that our glamping pods are probably more affordable than you think. Remember, many glamping sites can charge upwards of £70 for a one-night stay – meaning revenue of up to £2,000 a month when fully booked. 

Of course, there will be additional costs – housekeeping, utilities and more – but the potential is there to make a good amount of money from glamping pods when done right. 

Glamping pods do vary in price, depending on several factors. However, at Hully, our glamping Pods start from £4,495, with free delivery, fully assembled. 

Affordability is in our blood. Aidan, our founder, started Hully when he was searching for a garden room that was weather-proof, durable, low maintenance and didn’t cost a fortune. In the end, he built his own, using his experience as a boatbuilder to create a sturdy, fibreglass garden pod for his sister to increase her living space.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for products that are both environmentally friendly and affordable – and are changing behaviours to accommodate both. That’s why we’ve ensured that the Hully Pods combine the two. 

As well as starting from under £5,000, all our Hully Pods include recycled materials. We’re committed to reducing single-use plastic waste – and you’ll find over 1,000 500ml plastic bottles recycled into our Skipjack Pods and approximately 1400 in our largest Schooner Pods.

So how affordable are they, in reality? It’s simple. Your basic Skipjack Hully Pod measuring 3m x 2.3m x 2.4m will set you back just £4,495 including delivery: a small price to pay for purchasing overnight guest accommodation, and knowing that you’re supporting a small business that is passionate about protecting the planet. 

If you have more to spend, you can always customise your Pods or choose a larger size: we’re happy to discuss all your requirements with you so we create something that’s truly perfect for your needs. 

Add on delivery, and that’s it: the full price of your Pod. There’s no need for the expense of laying foundations, as you would for other types of holiday accommodation: all you need is a base that is firm, flat and level for the Pod to sit on. As you’ll see on our glamping Pod page a simple wooden deck can not only provide the right type of base, but it can also look fantastic. 

The final step, once your Pod has arrived, is to kit it out in the style of your choice. Again, this is somewhere you can spend as much or as little as you like. Whether you’re going for a more basic and rustic style, something high-end or somewhere in between, how you kit out your glamping Pod depends on your own personal tastes, your budget, your setting, and the types of guests you’re looking to attract. 

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Build and Buy your glamping Pod today!

If we’ve whetted your appetite for offering glamping Pod accommodation, we’d love to hear from you. Build and buy yours today using the specs on our website to create your ultimate glamping pod! 

Give us a call on 023 8254 6400 to discuss your requirements in full. 

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