delivery garden pod

Delivery + Installation

We offer delivery and what we can do when we arrive depends on the size and weight of the Pod.

As our lead time fluctuates with the seasons, please contact us for up-to-date delivery times for your Pod. Please note that the lead time will commence upon receipt of a deposit and so may not be the same if the initial inquiry was weeks prior to an order being placed. If you are looking to order multiple Pods please contact us using the website chat or call us on:

023 8254 6400

Garden pod delivery

Small Pods

(Dory and non-glass fronted Skipjack Pods)

We deliver to you using our flatbed lorries, fitted with a small built-in crane. The crane is able to lift the Pod over some fences, but cannot lift over buildings. It’s reach is limited, so good access is important and we are not always able to place the Pod in its final position.

Large/Heavy Pods

(Schooner and glass-fronted Pods)

With these Pods we also deliver using out flatbed lorries, but the crane we have can only lift the Pod and place it next to the lorry. It is your responsibility to then move the Pod to it’s final position. As these are heavier Pods, we strongly recommend involving a local professional crane company, which we may be able to recommend.

Access Requirements

Please ensure that there is access to the site where you wish the Pod to be unloaded – our vehicle needs unrestricted access both into and out of the delivery site.

The delivery site needs to have a minimum access width of 2.8 metres including any gates. The road to your site needs to have a minimum of 3.2 metres of height clearance including bridges and branches. The crane will need 7 metres of height clearance to safely unload the Pod at your chosen location.

You may wish to create a short video of your delivery site with your mobile phone and send it to us to check it if you are unsure.

Moving your Pod

At the time of delivery we may have boards and dollies that customers can use while the driver is on site. Please check this directly with our customer service department.

Please ensure you read our access requirements before proceeding with your order and have received delivery approval from the Hully team before placing your order.

Delivery Costs

  • FREE delivery to England, Wales and mainland Scotland.
  • Delivery to other areas by quotation.

Base Requirements for your Pod

  • Non glass-fronted Pods needs to sit on a firm, flat and level base. The most popular choices are concrete, sleepers, gravel grids or pavers.
  • Glass fronted Pods must have a flat and level concrete base due to their extra weight and to ensure the glass is not stressed.

Delivering a Pod