HULLY SALE: Cheap Garden Pods in the U.K. 

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From growing families to launching new ventures, you need more space. Yet, moving house is expensive – the average out-of-pocket cost of moving in the U.K. is nearly £12,000. Fortunately, cheap garden Pods in the U.K. can help you expand your space without breaking the bank. While Hully Pods are always priced to be budget-friendly, we’re offering a huge discount through the end of October. Here’s how you can take advantage of this limited-time offering.  

Huge Sale on Cheap Garden Pods in the U.K. 

Typically, Hully Pods range from £2,995 to £6,895 for base model selections across the three different garden Pod sizes – already a huge savings compared to moving house. Our current sale takes their affordability a step further with massive discounts on each style: 

Plus, you get FREE DELIVERY to England, Wales, and mainland Scotland — that’s another £400 value in savings

The offer ends October 31, 2023, so move fast if you want to get your hands on some of the cheapest garden Pods in the U.K. The Hully Sale includes a massive discount on all Pod models except the Skipjack Value Pod — it’s already heavily discounted.  

How to Use the Cheapest Garden Pods  

Not only are Hully Pods affordable, but they’re easily personalised to your unique needs. After buying a cheap garden Pod in the U.K., use your savings to bring your Pinterest interior design board to life. Here are a few popular ways to use Hully Garden Pods. 

Create a Home Office 

Working from home can be incredibly frustrating with noise and interruptions. Place a Pod in your garden for the ultimate level of privacy, ensuring year-round productivity. The Dory Office Pod is designed with remote workers in mind and includes a built-in desk and cabinet for storage. If you need more space, both the Skipjack and Schooner Pods offer plenty of room to design your dream home office.  

Build a Home Gym 

Something about being surrounded by perfectly sculpted beach bodies on holiday makes everyone want to prioritise fitness when autumn arrives. A home gym placed right in the back garden makes it so easy to stay on track with any new exercise goals – no commute, parking fees, or waiting on equipment to free up. Simply walk a few steps to your custom Skipjack Pod for a quick and effective workout.  

Design a Guest Suite 

The holidays are coming, and with them, holiday guests. When space is already tight, trying to squeeze in more people can feel overwhelming for everyone involved. Thankfully, Skipjack and Schooner Pods are the ideal spaces to design your very own cosy guest suite so that visitors can relax and enjoy a comfortable stay.  

Start a Small Business 

Budget is a top concern when starting a new business. With the Hully sale, it’s more affordable than ever to launch a home-based business. From nails to skincare clinics, Pods are the perfect solution to start a successful home salon.  

Don’t Miss Out: Buy Your Affordable Garden Pod

If you’ve been searching for the best cheap garden Pods in the U.K., it’s time to make the leap from dreamer to owner! The Hully Pod sale is only available for a very limited time, and our team is here to help guide you through the process, from preparing the site to managing delivery. Don’t miss out on huge savings – buy your dream garden Pod today.  

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